The other day I sat down at a coffee shop. A guy and gal next to me and began talking about how clean and organized they are- compared to their messy roommates! The girl explained how she needs surface space clear in order to think clearly, whereas her roommates clutter up tables and counters with stuff throughout the week. She couldn’t understand it and her friend was nodding, in total agreement. I wanted to shout, “I’m an organizer! That’s what I help people with. So funny I sat next to your conversation!”

Then a couple of nights ago, I learned that according to numerology, I’m the destroyer- but in a good way- helping people get rid of what they don’t need. Letting go and living fully. Sounds about right. Which brings me to the example of my little succulent plant. I was gone for two months and when I returned, he was looking sad and lifeless- I thought he was done for. Then I removed the dead leaves and viola! Within days he was looking better and now, he’s a vibrant little guy reaching for the sky. I can’t help but think of those dead leaves as clutter. They were taking energy away from the rest of him, which is exactly what stuff does when we don’t use or appreciate it. It’s similar to not working a muscle, it fades.

Aside from the physical clutter, sometimes the people in our lives can be negative, toxic or energy zappers. Even our very own thoughts, beliefs, or habits can behave like clutter whenever they’re not serving us. This includes self doubt, sabotage or being stuck in the past without forgiving and moving forward. Anything that isn’t being utilized or loved becomes clutter. Let it go. All it takes is willingness and practice.  And little by little, your life will change. You’ll feel light, like you’re being lifted toward the sky.

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