There I was, flipping through a random magazine- when I saw it! www.lamag.com/culturefiles/living-large-living-small/

Something immediately lit up inside, like a deep inner knowing. TINY HOUSES?! What?!

People have apparently been building these, often themselves, for over a decade, on tiny budgets, and some are even mobile! Wow, maybe I can live in one someday~ and travel throughout the country, visiting various nature spots!

Talk about an opportunity to practice minimalism, resourcefulness, and creativity. 

So I bought tickets to their art exhibit/workshops at the LA Craft and Folk Art Museum. One took place a couple weeks ago, which was informative and inspiring. This Sh*t is real!

Super curious. Would YOU ever consider living in a TINY HOUSE? Why or why not?

How fun would it be if I could help the people who do… to downsize- and live that dream? Sure thinking about it 🙂

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