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One of my favorite holidays is here…Happy Halloween! And it’s a new moon in Scorpio, whoa!

I love getting creative and dressing up. As a performer, I’m a collector of fun attire and never need shop for this day… I simply rummage through my Mary Poppins bag of goodies and ~ viola~ I’m a raven priestess purple princess queen!

As an organizer, I’ve seen garages packed full of holiday decor. It helps to have clear bins labeled for each (I even line them up in chronological order from New Year’s to Christmas). Then for Halloween, having a basic split, like bin(s) for “costumes” and bin(s) for “decor” can help!

I strongly encourage only keeping what currently fits and functions on the bodies and in the homes, otherwise, Goodwill is a great place to donate! If the zombie smoke machine is broken, they’ll dispose of it as e-waste properly, rather than it going to the landfills as trash.

Aside from Halloween fun and play, it’s a new moon in Scorpio! What does that even mean, some of you may ask. The full moon is every month, as you may have noticed, and two weeks later, is always the new moon. This is a great time to set intentions and focus on what you’re calling into your life. Whereas the full moon is a great time to release what no longer serves (making room for what does!) It’s like the ocean waves or our breath, coming in and out, giving and receiving, for ultimate balance and harmony.

Here’s more on what the new moon being in Scorpio means specifically, according to mindbodygreen. I love all the connections between inner and outer clutter and clarity, check it out !!


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