I’m in my hotel room when I realize someone has been sending spam email on my behalf! Not very nice. So I change my password and make note of it. I’ve been keeping a running document of my log in/password info for years. There are so many though and we’re supposed to change them often. I need a better solution. In this day and age, it should be easy.

One of my clients jokes that she uses the same password for everything. Of course we know that’s no bueno. If hackers find one out, they’ll likely hack into every account you have with that password.

So I put a call out on Facebook and Twitter – and the people who respond suggest either ipassword for mac users- or 1password- for any computer. Both¬†automatically generate random passwords for you– so that you only have to remember one. But then, I wonder, what if one of these programs gets hacked? Here’s a helpful article to address and answer such questions better than I can.

Enjoy and good luck! I’m still deciding what to do.



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