Happy New Year! We’re two weeks in. How’s your motivation? Optimism? Organization?

Gratefully, I’m pumped up, feeling good, focused and committed. I just competed my first week of a 21 day yoga boot camp and cleanse where I wake up at 5:30am everyday. Whoa me, the night owl? Now I start my day in the dark and see the sun come out on my way to the studio. Then, spend 2 hours breathing, stretching, meditating, burning fat, building muscle, releasing what needs to go, and inviting in what I’m ready for. I feel a major shift happening and already have more clarity, creativity, and energy to work on my business and personal projects. The way we start our day is key to how we’ll feel throughout the rest of it.

Life is big! And beautiful. To me, it feels like there’s always so much to do. I’m passionate about a lot of things and prefer to do them perfectly all at once. Ha! It can be like a circus act sometimes, juggling balls with monkeys on my back while standing on an elephant. Fortunately, a couple perspective shifts have really helped me in the last year and I want to share them with you.

First, seeing a task as something I “get to’ do things instead of something I “have to” do. 
For example, I get to clean and organize my space so that it nurtures me. Not, I have to make my bed and purge my closet. I can hear the groan in that last one. Shift it. Attitude is choice. It takes practice, willingness and patience.

Second, remembering it starts with me. Then my space. After that, branching out.
I used to wake up and instantly grab my phone or start going through my to-do list. I’ve trained myself to instead begin with some simple breathing; then think about what I’m grateful for. After a couple minutes, I sit up, lightly stretch, drink water and get some fresh air.

Before I jump into my day, I make sure I’ve taken care of myself- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and so on. Then I take a look around me at home and in the car to ensure that feels good so I can function and thrive. I didn’t use to, I’ve come a long way! Then I venture out into the world to engage with friends, family, clients, errands, projects, and so on. I’m able to meet them feeling more grounded, confident, and  balanced.

If I ever begin to feel anxious or overwhelmed, which is much less often than it used to be, I remember this concept and ask myself: am I taking care of myself? My environment? Okay now I can  move forward. And it’s not always perfect. I got 6 hours sleep last night when I prefer 8. My room needs a little clean up. So I make a note to self, release any judgement, and commit to shifting my priorities a bit this weekend.

Hope this helps! It’s made a big difference in this big, beautiful life.

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