It’s amazing when a group of women come together and swap clothes, shoes, and accessories. Today I walked away with such cool finds! Items I couldn’t believe someone was giving up.

Sometimes we tire of something, or may think, “this isn’t really me anymore”. Perhaps it doesn’t fit well or isn’t our color. We must let it go. Anything that no longer serves us only zaps our energy and messes with our flow.  Let someone else enjoy it, a friend perhaps. Or donate! Everyone knows there are people in the world in need of basic necessities, such as clothes. Let’s redistribute the wealth a little shall we? Sharing is caring! It’s good for everyone, including you.

I have room for these awesome finds now because I cleared out my closet and made room, taking those items to the swap. Then seeing the faces of people so excited to begin enjoying what I no longer wear is priceless!

If you can’t organize your own clothing swap party (though it’s super easy and fun!) one thing I suggest is to always have a bag or bin designated for give away. Then give it a home; you can keep it in a closet or the garage, near an exit is best. You may have friends look through it when they visit. Or discover a charity that speaks to you; Goodwill and Salvation Army pick up donations as well.

Swap before you Shop!

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