Waiting for Spring to clean?  Something you can do year-round is to keep a donation bin in your home. Then, anytime you come across an item that no longer serves you, drop it inside.

It may be a t-shirt you realize has a hole, stain, isn’t your current size or style; a chipped dish; or an old phone and it’s accessories- anything you no longer use or love.

You can place these bins anywhere, such as the closet or garage.

The next step is to develop the habit of emptying it regularly. It’s important to do what works best for you. Some wait until it’s full, then drop it off somewhere convenient, like Goodwill, Out of the Closet, or a favorite charity or shelter. Or if you have a lot of stuff, you can arrange for a Salvation Army pick up. Some work best scheduling it in their calendar seasonally or annually.

You might even browse through it and re-gift certain items to those you know personally. Perhaps your neighbor is pregnant and you’re ready to release your old maternity clothes. Some like to have friends and guests look through their bin when they visit, taking what they like.

Another neat option is to re-purpose items into something useful or beautiful. Stained or shrunken pants may become cutoff shorts or patches. Chipped dishes may transform neatly into mosaic pieces to decorate a potted plant. Many find it helpful to keep a project bin for things they’re going to fix or make new again. Be selective and realistic, perhaps limiting yourself to one bin or area, or establishing deadlines (i.e., donate this if I haven’t touched it by June 2013).

The point is- you’re putting the Revolving Door Strategy into practice- meaning that as things come into the home, things are also leaving at the same pace. It’s an opportunity to be aware of everything you own and how you’re putting it to good use: creative ways of being neat.

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