Year-Round Spring Cleaning Tip: The Revolving Door Strategy

Waiting for Spring to clean?  Something you can do year-round is to keep a donation bin in your home. Then, anytime you come across an item that no longer serves you, drop it inside. It may be a t-shirt you realize has a hole, stain, isn’t your current size or style; a chipped dish; or […]

What the Magazines are Saying!

I stopped by a grocery store recently to grab a few things but didn’t plan on also leaving with a couple magazines. However, while in line, bright green, capital letters, appearing like a subtitle to Family Circle, shouted, “GET ORGANIZED! 20 Things to Toss Today.” Next thing you know, Oprah is grabbing my attention with […]

Swap Party

It’s amazing when a group of women come together and swap clothes, shoes, and accessories. Today I walked away with such cool finds! Items I couldn’t believe someone was giving up. Sometimes we tire of something, or may think, “this isn’t really me anymore”. Perhaps it doesn’t fit well or isn’t our color. We must let it go. Anything that […]

My First Blog

Welcome to the Creatively Neat blog! I’m a fan of blogs. Mostly about music, art, events; politics and psychology. And of course, organizing!  Speaking of, I dedicate this new blog series to the world of organizing- and in it, will review books, articles and products, as well as inspirational quotes, tips and resources, along with […]