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Summertime Organizing Workshop: Saturday, 6/29/13

We’ve planned some great content for this Saturday’s workshop and are excited to educate and inspire you on so many levels.  

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Year-Round Spring Cleaning Tip: The Revolving Door Strategy

Waiting for Spring to clean?  Something you can do year-round is to keep a donation bin in your home. Then, anytime you come across an item that no longer serves you, drop it inside. It may be a t-shirt you … Continue reading

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What the Magazines are Saying!

I stopped by a grocery store recently to grab a few things but didn’t plan on also leaving with a couple magazines. However, while in line, bright green, capital letters, appearing like a subtitle to Family Circle, shouted, “GET ORGANIZED! … Continue reading

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Swap Party

It’s amazing when a group of women come together and swap clothes, shoes, and accessories. Today I walked away with such cool finds! Items I couldn’t believe someone was giving up. Sometimes we tire of something, or may think, “this isn’t really me anymore”. Perhaps … Continue reading

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My First Blog

Welcome to the Creatively Neat blog! I’m a fan of blogs. Mostly about music, art, events; politics and psychology. And of course, organizing!  Speaking of, I dedicate this new blog series to the world of organizing- and in it, will … Continue reading

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