Tiny Houses?!

There I was, flipping through a random magazine- when I saw it! www.lamag.com/culturefiles/living-large-living-small/ Something immediately lit up inside, like a deep inner knowing. TINY HOUSES?! What?! People have apparently been building these, often themselves, for over a decade, on tiny budgets, and some are even mobile! Wow, maybe I can live in one someday~ and travel throughout the country, visiting various nature spots! Talk about […]

Christmas Clutter, Oh My! (not on my new watch)

4 Tips for Xmas & Beyond Make room! See what you can let go of first ~ before people start giving you more. Start with the obvious (trash, recycle, e-waste, broken, never use…) After receiving new items, only keep the better version of any two that are similar (I already had a white puffy jacket, […]

Happy Halloween!!

source: mindbodygreen (link below) One of my favorite holidays is here…Happy Halloween! And it’s a new moon in Scorpio, whoa! I love getting creative and dressing up. As a performer, I’m a collector of fun attire and never need shop for this day… I simply rummage through my Mary Poppins bag of goodies and ~ […]

How to Organize Your Bedroom Closet!

Do you have clothes? And nothing to wear!? Here’s how I go about quickly organizing a closet so that I’m left with the clothes I truly love and can easily find. It makes getting ready so much easier and more manageable! Give it a try! Good luck and have fun! And if you still feel […]

How to Organize your Art Supplies

We’re all creative ~ and deserve a space that encourages self expression to flow freely! Whether it’s a hobby or a lifelong dream of yours- having your art supplies at your fingertips ready- for when that divine inspiration kicks in- is a game changer. Even when it feels scary or we’re filled with excuses. In […]

How to Declutter Your Mind, Body & Space

In case you missed it! Kimberly Elise has a neat blog on Natural Living and asked me to write about the sacred art of decluttering! (Click image below to read it)

I’m at Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree!

This is my first time ever attending the annual Bhakti Festival in Joshua Tree and I’m having an incredible time meeting inspiring people and attending wonderful workshops. I helped organize the kitchens incoming donations so they’re able to serve a few thousand meals this weekend! I’m among some of the worlds greatest yoga masters, teachers, […]

Organizing Online Passwords: Can It Be So Simple?

I’m in my hotel room when I realize someone has been sending spam email on my behalf! Not very nice. So I change my password and make note of it. I’ve been keeping a running document of my log in/password info for years. There are so many though and we’re supposed to change them often. […]

Happy New Year! How are you, really?

Happy New Year! We’re two weeks in. How’s your motivation? Optimism? Organization? Gratefully, I’m pumped up, feeling good, focused and committed. I just competed my first week of a 21 day yoga boot camp and cleanse where I wake up at 5:30am everyday. Whoa me, the night owl? Now I start my day in the […]

Fitting My Move Into One Small U-haul.

Moving is a great opportunity to shed and start fresh. It’s also one of the most stressful things a human can endeavor. It’s physical, mental, emotional and psychological. Not to mention costly. I decided in my recent move that everything, including my furniture, was going to fit into one small U-haul truck. And- that I’m […]