Christmas Clutter, Oh My! (not on my new watch)

4 Tips for Xmas & Beyond

  • Make room! See what you can let go of first ~ before people start giving you more. Start with the obvious (trash, recycle, e-waste, broken, never use…)
  • After receiving new items, only keep the better version of any two that are similar (I already had a white puffy jacket, now I have two! Which one feels/looks better?)
  • Kindly request money  go to instead~ a favorite charity or cause; experience or adventure.
  • Re-gift! It’s okay if someone else may enjoy it more. Put a bow on it! I keep these near my gift wrap so it’s a one stop shop, ready to go.

These can be applied to birthdays and other gift-involved holidays year round.

Clearing clutter and keeping it that way involves habit shifting. You can do it!

Let me know if you have tried any of these- or have your own favorites to share.

(Though I get so many spam comments I may not see it here ~ you’re always welcome to email me at until I get that fixed 😉

Thanks and Happiest of Holidays and New Year!!













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Happy Halloween!!

source: mindbodygreen (link below)

One of my favorite holidays is here…Happy Halloween! And it’s a new moon in Scorpio, whoa!

I love getting creative and dressing up. As a performer, I’m a collector of fun attire and never need shop for this day… I simply rummage through my Mary Poppins bag of goodies and ~ viola~ I’m a raven priestess purple princess queen!

As an organizer, I’ve seen garages packed full of holiday decor. It helps to have clear bins labeled for each (I even line them up in chronological order from New Year’s to Christmas). Then for Halloween, having a basic split, like bin(s) for “costumes” and bin(s) for “decor” can help!

I strongly encourage only keeping what currently fits and functions on the bodies and in the homes, otherwise, Goodwill is a great place to donate! If the zombie smoke machine is broken, they’ll dispose of it as e-waste properly, rather than it going to the landfills as trash.

Aside from Halloween fun and play, it’s a new moon in Scorpio! What does that even mean, some of you may ask. The full moon is every month, as you may have noticed, and two weeks later, is always the new moon. This is a great time to set intentions and focus on what you’re calling into your life. Whereas the full moon is a great time to release what no longer serves (making room for what does!) It’s like the ocean waves or our breath, coming in and out, giving and receiving, for ultimate balance and harmony.

Here’s more on what the new moon being in Scorpio means specifically, according to mindbodygreen. I love all the connections between inner and outer clutter and clarity, check it out !!


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How to Organize Your Bedroom Closet!

Do you have clothes? And nothing to wear!?

Here’s how I go about quickly organizing a closet so that I’m left with the clothes I truly love and can easily find.

It makes getting ready so much easier and more manageable!

Give it a try! Good luck and have fun!

And if you still feel stuck or overwhelmed, reach out~ I’d love to help.

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How to Organize your Art Supplies

We’re all creative ~ and deserve a space that encourages self expression to flow freely!

Whether it’s a hobby or a lifelong dream of yours- having your art supplies at your fingertips ready- for when that divine inspiration kicks in- is a game changer.

Even when it feels scary or we’re filled with excuses.

In this short video blog below (one of my very first!), I review the basic action steps to organize anything, and specifically in relation to your Arts and Crafts.

Carve out a little time in your calendar for this ~ whether or not you consider yourself an “artist.”

The benefits are endless.

And if you need any guidance or encouragement, book a free assessment with me!

Often times, our clutter goes deeper than the physical items themselves.
We may meet resistance, fear, doubt, or issues of self worth.

In fact, being still with ourselves, and allowing our art to speak through us~ while magical, can sometimes be overwhelming.

I’m here to help! Because I’ve so been there.
Connecting the mental, physical, and energetic realms is what I do best.
Clutter and organization involve all three. Especially when it comes to art and expression!

I’ve been performing since a small child and organizing professionally since a teen.
They totally parallel and the struggles I’ve overcome~ and lessons I’ve learned so I can balance both~ I want to share with you and ~ hear all about yours.

> Book Your Free Chat With Me Now! <

As long as my schedule permits, I’m offering 20 minute assessments on a first come, first serve basis.

Check my availability and let’s talk.

Allow me to serve you. <3

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How to Declutter Your Mind, Body & Space

In case you missed it!

Kimberly Elise has a neat blog on Natural Living and asked me to write about the sacred art of decluttering! (Click image below to read it)

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De-clutter Your Body With Breath of Fire

Here I explain how you can:

Clear your blood, release toxins & increase your energy with… the Breath of Fire.

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I’m at Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree!

This is my first time ever attending the annual Bhakti Festival in Joshua Tree and I’m having an incredible time meeting inspiring people and attending wonderful workshops.

I helped organize the kitchens incoming donations so they’re able to serve a few thousand meals this weekend! I’m among some of the worlds greatest yoga masters, teachers, healers and entrepreneurs, totally honored to be a part of this community.

Pics and more coming soon!


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Organizing Online Passwords: Can It Be So Simple?

I’m in my hotel room when I realize someone has been sending spam email on my behalf! Not very nice. So I change my password and make note of it. I’ve been keeping a running document of my log in/password info for years. There are so many though and we’re supposed to change them often. I need a better solution. In this day and age, it should be easy.

One of my clients jokes that she uses the same password for everything. Of course we know that’s no bueno. If hackers find one out, they’ll likely hack into every account you have with that password.

So I put a call out on Facebook and Twitter – and the people who respond suggest either ipassword for mac users- or 1password- for any computer. Both automatically generate random passwords for you– so that you only have to remember one. But then, I wonder, what if one of these programs gets hacked? Here’s a helpful article to address and answer such questions better than I can.

Enjoy and good luck! I’m still deciding what to do.


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Happy New Year! How are you, really?

Happy New Year! We’re two weeks in. How’s your motivation? Optimism? Organization?

Gratefully, I’m pumped up, feeling good, focused and committed. I just competed my first week of a 21 day yoga boot camp and cleanse where I wake up at 5:30am everyday. Whoa me, the night owl? Now I start my day in the dark and see the sun come out on my way to the studio. Then, spend 2 hours breathing, stretching, meditating, burning fat, building muscle, releasing what needs to go, and inviting in what I’m ready for. I feel a major shift happening and already have more clarity, creativity, and energy to work on my business and personal projects. The way we start our day is key to how we’ll feel throughout the rest of it.

Life is big! And beautiful. To me, it feels like there’s always so much to do. I’m passionate about a lot of things and prefer to do them perfectly all at once. Ha! It can be like a circus act sometimes, juggling balls with monkeys on my back while standing on an elephant. Fortunately, a couple perspective shifts have really helped me in the last year and I want to share them with you.

First, seeing a task as something I “get to’ do things instead of something I “have to” do. 
For example, I get to clean and organize my space so that it nurtures me. Not, I have to make my bed and purge my closet. I can hear the groan in that last one. Shift it. Attitude is choice. It takes practice, willingness and patience.

Second, remembering it starts with me. Then my space. After that, branching out.
I used to wake up and instantly grab my phone or start going through my to-do list. I’ve trained myself to instead begin with some simple breathing; then think about what I’m grateful for. After a couple minutes, I sit up, lightly stretch, drink water and get some fresh air.

Before I jump into my day, I make sure I’ve taken care of myself- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and so on. Then I take a look around me at home and in the car to ensure that feels good so I can function and thrive. I didn’t use to, I’ve come a long way! Then I venture out into the world to engage with friends, family, clients, errands, projects, and so on. I’m able to meet them feeling more grounded, confident, and  balanced.

If I ever begin to feel anxious or overwhelmed, which is much less often than it used to be, I remember this concept and ask myself: am I taking care of myself? My environment? Okay now I can  move forward. And it’s not always perfect. I got 6 hours sleep last night when I prefer 8. My room needs a little clean up. So I make a note to self, release any judgement, and commit to shifting my priorities a bit this weekend.

Hope this helps! It’s made a big difference in this big, beautiful life.

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Fitting My Move Into One Small U-haul.

Moving is a great opportunity to shed and start fresh. It’s also one of the most stressful things a human can endeavor. It’s physical, mental, emotional and psychological. Not to mention costly. I decided in my recent move that everything, including my furniture, was going to fit into one small U-haul truck. And- that I’m not going to move again- ever. Well, for at least a year.

Then began a major purge. My, how we accumulate – and I barely shop! I’m like a magnet; people love to give me stuff. And I enjoy going to clothing swaps, where I sometimes leave with more than what I came with. Hence, 365 days later, I’ve got more than I actually need. I’m not hiring movers- I’m doing this myself, with a little help from my friends, which ultimately helps me be more relentless when deciding what to take with me.

Little by little, category by category, I begin to shed. It is the year of the snake after all, very appropriate. I start with books; they are the heaviest. I have not touched the giant dictionary or thesaurus so they are the first to go. I scan my library and sense that only 10% are ones that I actually love, reference, or really will read one day. The rest were cute gifts or ambitious illusions. There’s only so much time in a day and I don’t read that much anymore. Plus there’s always the library or kindle.

I move onto clothes. If I haven’t worn it in the last year, am I really going to wear it now? My “project” bin of clothes to repair (and never did) is the first to go. Then, I think about my style today. Given it changes daily; I don’t dress as hippie as I used to. Honoring that shift, I let go of the long skirts and dresses that no longer represent me. I release the clothes too that aren’t as comfortable or don’t fit as well. And if I own two similar pieces, I only keep the favorite one. I do the same with jewelry and accessories.

When it comes time for the kitchen, I keep in mind that I’m going from living solo to living with housemates. There will already be dishes and such there. So again, I keep my favorites and most valuable pieces and let the rest go. I figure once I move into the kitchen I can release even more as well, depending on what they have. As for furniture, I keep only my heirloom secretary desk that was grandma’s, a couple lamps and favorites; and decided it was time for a new bed and desk. I’m only moving into a bedroom, not a whole house.

I practice these methods throughout my home with all categories over the next few weeks, sometimes taking 10 minutes, other times when I have it, a few hours. Then I have a yard sale and make about $100, selling mostly small items. I post for sale on Craigslist a handful of the most valuable things (computer, music gear) that didn’t sell and place the remains on the curb for the taking.

By the time I’m done purging, I’ve reduced my belongings by at least half! We get everything into the U-haul. Well, if I’m being completely honest, I take a couple more trips with my car. Upon move in, I decide I to get rid of at least 25% more, acknowledging that accumulation and practicing the revolving door strategy (see previous blog) is a lifelong process. As things come in, things must go out. Unless I have a mansion or want to open a museum. And even then!

This type of moving strategy, which touches upon aspects of minimalism, invites us to remain open to releasing fear, doubt, shame or judgement. It asks that we get very honest with ourselves, while still having room to dream. It means having an abundant mindset, trusting that as things go, things will return. It helps to remember that we each enter this world free of stuff- and leave the same way. It’s only while we’re here on earth that we attach to objects and find our identity in them. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. But if it becomes unmanageable- or it’s time to move- you might think thrice! Take it from me. The moving queen.


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